Sequóia III Renda Imobiliária aims to yield returns through acquisition of performing real estate assets. The fund’s strategy is to diversify income among logistics/industrial segments, commercial towers or buildings, or retail properties not located in shopping malls. Among these categories, the manager’s strategy is to focus the Fund on Core Plus and Value-add risk profiles, which, according to its evaluation, have the best risk/return opportunities.
Additionally, Sequóia seeks to expand its management model based on three pillars it understands as essential for the sustainable profitability of a real estate portfolio.

  1. Operational efficiency, with control over the chain, skilled team and strict discipline in execution.
  2. Commercial structure, to ensure the origination of quality assets and assure that properties are always occupied.
  3. Real estate intelligence, which determines the portfolio’s paths and strategic guidelines, preserving value and capital gain in the long term.

Sequóia seeks to make up its portfolio with properties that have value reserves, potential for appreciation and greater liquidity when replacing tenants.